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About this Project

Origin of Season of Creation Daily

At a 2018 meeting of the Care for Our Common Home Team (Paulist Center Boston) one of our members, Paul Lyons, reminded us of booklets in Advent and Lent with a page for each day of the season with scripture readings, thoughts and suggestions.  ‘We should do something like that for Season of Creation,’ he suggested. Two other members added: ‘if we can help people love creation, they will naturally veer toward a path of caring for it.’

These were the germs that sprouted Season of Creation Daily.

I was immediately taken with these ideas.  A believer in the power of daily reflection, I was inspired to create a vehicle that might nourish a daily pause – focused on our place in creation.  Decades ago, I had been editor of my high school newspaper; and more recently was responsible for communications within companies. This idea seemed valuable and doable: create a daily reflection that would lead people to pause, reflect and act in care for our common home.    

So, I started creating. 

After testing several versions, now most days include an image, a question or prompt, and a quote from a mystic, modern or ancient. One of my hopes is that readers will be drawn to curiosity about these authors, luminaries who can inspire us with hope and courage.

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About Peter McLoughlin

Peter McLoughlin has a passion for nature and the environment.  He facilitates the Care for our Common Home Team at the Paulist Center Boston focusing on implementing Pope Francis’ 2015 Letter, “Laudato Si’: on Care for Our Common Home” which encourages everyone to hear and respond to ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.’

Peter’s main inspirations have been his many years of Jesuit training, the raising of amazing children, Buddhism, nature, Teilhard de Chardin, monks of Trappist monasteries, James Finley, John O’Donohue, Bobby McFerrin, and other friends who have touched him deeply.   

Peter and his wife Beth Kress live in Arlington MA and worship at the Paulist Center.  They are involved with several ministries there.  Peter is a musician and one of the hymns he's written was inspired by St. Francis’ Canticle of the Creatures (from which Pope Francis’ Encyclical takes its title):  “All Creation Gives Praise: Laudato Si’.”

The Season of Creation Daily project was inspired by dynamism evident in the Global Catholic Climate Movement, the National Catholic Reporter, and the Paulist Center, and also by Peter’s belief in the value of a daily reflective practice as a springboard to living.

He can be reached at:

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Inspiration and Thanks

Thanks for your inspiration and help

Global Catholic Climate Movement

Paulist Center Boston

Catholic Climate Covenant

National Catholic Reporter

Beth Kress

My siblings (Peggy, Ed, Jean, Kevin)

My children (Luke, Ryan, Clare, Will)

Paul Lyons for the original idea

Common Home Team (Trudy, AE, Bob, Dave O, Dave P, Chris O, Chris R., Paul, Janet, Joan)

Small Faith Group (Trisha, Susan, Ralph, Gail, Julie, Eliza, Meg, Jeff)

Tom Sharkey

Eileen Sharkey

Fran Ludwig

Christina Leano

Tom Barritt

Pat Montesano

Bill Mitchell

Carol Mitchell

Jim Piantidosi

Ed Marakovitz

Adnan Adam Onart

Charles Vadala

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